• How to avoid the 37% Income Tax levied against Wills and Trusts
• That it is possible to amend a deceased spouse’s irrevocable trust (most people don’t know you can do this)

• How to “Divorce-Proof” the inheritance you leave your loved ones

• Why the Massachusetts Estate Tax is now optional - but only if you plan correctly

• Who should not use Irrevocable Medicaid (Nursing Home Protection) Income Only Trusts:
     • Why most of our clients say “NO THANKS!” 
     • If you are stuck with one, how you may be able to get out

• The “right” way and the “wrong” way to leave your IRA, 401(k), 403(b) or other qualified plan (most people  choose the wrong way — but don’t be one of them)

• How out-of-state residents can avoid the MA estate tax levied on their MA real estate

• About LLCs - the newest must-have component of an Estate Plan
     • Why not having an LLC may be the Achilles’ heel of your estate plan
     • Why do-it-yourself solutions cost you more in the long run

New Trust techniques that may save you & your family thousands of dollars under the new tax law
During this Seminar You will Learn:
The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act
This Changes Everything
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